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                                                   Maria Bollywood

Bollywood, a contraction of Bombay and Hollywood, is the name given to the field of indian cinematography based in Mumbai (Bombay). It is actually the most popular form of indian cinema. Bollywood films, shown all over India, are exported throughout the world and are an enormous success in North Africa, the Middle-East and Southeast Asia.
What distinguishes Bollywood films from other types of cinema is that scenes of singing and dancing are scattered all through the film.

Bollywood dancing is a mixture of different styles, intertwining Eastern and Western cultures.
It is a dance born from the joining of indian classic (kathak, odissi, bharatanayam…) and folk dances (bhang, gaana, kalbeliya…) with other dance styles such as modern-jazz, salsa, hip-hop, oriental dancing…
What people enjoy about Bollywood dancing is it's grace, it's dynamism, it's artistic expression as well as the richness and originality of the choreographies…

Maria Bollywood

                                                    Maria Robin Bollywood

Maria Robin teaches bollywood dancing and offers workshops and internships. She also appears in stage productions as a bollywood dancer.
Her style is influenced by kalbeliya dancing and other traditional dances from Rajasthan.
Her choreography reaches down into the roots of oriental dancing and flamenco as well as kalbeliya, bhangra (penjabi folk dances) and even kathak (classical dance from Northern India)…
Her bollywood dance manifesting solar energy is particularly dynamic and communicative.

Maria en Inde

Find out about Maria Robin’s classes and workshops on gypsy dances from Rajasthan.