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Singing and dancing have always been an integral part of Maria Robin, and since her early childhood…
In her daily life she was surrounded by musicians, she grew up learning to sing and dance with them and for everyone's enjoyment.
The path from house to the stage was an easy, natural one, a joyous sharing of love and music…


She was taught early on the gypsy dances from Rajasthan (kalbeliya) by Gulabi Sapera and continues to enrich her choreographical vocabulary with kathak, bollywood, flamenco as well as african and oriental styles of dance.


Well at ease in improvision and interpretive dancing, Maria is happy to dialogue with her musicians and finds inspiration in a sensitive reaction to the music.

Her individual style is profoundly rooted in kalbeliya dancing, however one might also feel in it the poetic and spiritual intensity contained in the sufi dances as well as the solar energy emanating from gypsy dances.
Regarding body and movement, Maria favors a sensitive and intimate approach to the dancer’s emotions in close relation to the surrounding music and audience...


Maria Robin dances in " Sur la route des gitans" ,"Le voyage de Mehmet", "Masciare" as well as when Duo Maria Robin & Shadi Fathi and Titi Robin 's quintet "Alezane" are in concert.

Maria not only appears on stage, she also offers rajasthani and bollywood dance classes and workshops, in France and abroad. She conducts dance classes on a regular base in Paris.

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Kalbeliya dance | Bollywood dance | Danse's classes and workshops

Maria Robin'solo in theatre La Usina in Madrid for the show "Zambra-Danzas Descalza in March 2013.

Sufi dance. Duet of Maria Robin and Emmeline Lovisi in Paris for the Bellyfusion Fest in January 2013.

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