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Music and song :

Maria Robin is singing at TV broadcast (France 2) with Titi Robin, Colombe Robin and Dinesh Sapera.

Music live in apartment. Titi Robin and Maria robin are performing "Rovave sa Rovave" for Le Cargo.

Teaser of musical tale "Sur la route des gitans".

Music and dance :

Sufi dance. Duet of Maria Robin and Emmeline Lovisi in Paris for the Bellyfusion Fest in January 2013.

Maria Robin's solo in Madrid for the show "Zambra-Danzas-Descalza" in March 3013.

Improvisation dance and Music by Fady Zakar,Anwar Khan and Maria Robin.

Maria Robin 's performing kalbeliya dance in San' Lo (Roma).

Maria Robin 's performing Rajasthani gypsy dance at Gypsy dance fest (Madrid).

Maria Robin 's performing with Titi Robin and Jeanne Chéral at Institut des Cultures d'Islam (Paris).

Maria Robin and her students at theatre de l'Alhambra (Paris) .

Maria Robin 's dancing in Kali Sultana at Les folies bergères (Paris).